Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Little of This and That

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. At my home, a couple of old friends came for dinner on Christmas. I have a renewed appreciation for my mother and all those decades she produced turkey and all the trimmings! It's safe to say I have numerous little packets of turkey, rutabaga, Brussell sprouts, stuffing and more in the freezer. Some of the bird (and cranberry sauce) went home with my guests for turkey sandwiches.

Mya, my foster cat, was happy to greet visitors and decidedly uninterested in the fir tree. She inspected a branch one day and that was it. I'll count myself lucky.

I did a bit of knitting in early December. This was part of a gift for a Secret Santa exchange at a party for the volunteers at a local animal rescue group. Not knowing who would receive it, I was opting for something suitable for a man or woman. I've since seen the recipient wearing her scarf, so that's a good sign. It's easy to knit and the free pattern, called Christian's Scarf, is on Ravelry here.

There is something fun about the delivery of a package. This one arrived in November so I'm hoping to finish up a project in the next week or so. More on this Noro Kureyon yarn later. 

Right now, it's time to decide between sorting out my TV room or starting the Gail Bowen mystery I picked up at the library this morning. Hmmm . . .


  1. Karen...so nice to find an update from you today! Merry Christmas - glad you had some company to share the holiday with! Mya looks so much like my Sloan...in fact as I read this my husband wandered over and said "when did you take that picture of Sloan?" I told it wasn't him, he didn't believe me at first! Happy New Year...hoping to find more from you in my newsfeed soon!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. A belated Merry Christmas to you Karen and a Very Happy New Year. It was fun to see you on Facebook today.

  3. I hope you decided on the novel! Merry Christmas, Karen, and a Happy New Year. Your table looks very pretty.

  4. Oh my... the novel would have won, hands down! This statement coming from someone who spent Christmas Eve cleaning and organizing the pantry, refrigerator, and lower kitchen cabinets! Our family celebration was the Sunday before so there was little to do for just the two of us. The secret Santa scarf is lovely...I know the recipient will enjoy. Eager to see what project is underway with that lovely new yarn. Sending good wishes for a Happy New Year! Smiles...Susan

  5. Cute cat, cozy Christmas gifts and a beautifully festive holiday table, Karen - I'm certain a wonderful time was had by all.

    Starting a new novel sounds like the perfect holiday luxury, I think!

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2017~


  6. Glad to read about you and sweet cat. The scarf is beautiful and the wool is in my favorite colors. Exciting to see, what you've done with it.
    Happy New Year from Germany

  7. Love the color of the new yarn that got delivered to you. You finished up some really great looking projects. I wish you a great new year and celebration!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. I too hope you opted for the book. :)
    Lovely photos of your Christmas tree, Mya and the scarf you made.
    Your Christmas menu sounds very good as well. I too started to appreciate my mother's cooking skills even more when I started to prepare Christmas Eve dinners for my family. How did she get all the dishes ready exactly for the important moment? :)
    Happy new year, Karen!

  9. It looks like a cosy festive time at your house...lovely photos here! The scarf you made is lovely and the new yarn looks exciting. I love having new books to read, especially at this quiet time between Christmas and New Year. Enjoy yours, Karen!
    Helen xox

  10. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas with good friends. The tree looks really pretty, so it's great that the cat isn't interested in it. Our dog has been interested in all the treats that have been lying around, and he's been ripping his way through one package and another for the past couple of weeks. I just received some Noro yarn too, and am curious if you received yours through a promotion. I'm making a scarf (at least that's the plan) with mine. Your gifted scarf looks beautiful!

  11. Dear Karen
    Thank you for popping to say hello.
    What a surprise to find you still have little Mya - she is such sweetie - could she be a keeper?! She did well not to play with your Christmas tree!
    I too have huge respect for all my mother did in the days when they didn't have gadgets.
    I can remember an ice box kept under the house during summer to keep things cool.
    I also remember the great excitement when my mother got her first washing machine - prior to that she set a fire under the copper in the wash house.
    We have a lot to be grateful for.
    Lovely to catch up with Karen
    Take care
    Shane x



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