Saturday, February 13, 2016

☀ Sunlit Sunday: She's Not Here

She's not here, snoozing on the couch.

She's not snuggled on the quilt.

She's not to be found in a sunny spot on my carpet either.
That's because, after 9 months with me and nearly 2 years with our animal rescue, Purl has been adopted by a lovely couple. That, my friends, is sunny news for this almost 7-year-old kitty! Have you ever considered fostering? There is such a need in many places.

Your turn.


  1. Wonderful sun streaming in your windows! Congratulations on Purls adoption...

  2. so good to hear that Purl has been adopted...I'm sure you are missing the company - these pictures are treasures for sure!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  3. So glad that Purl has found a good home! The sunlight on Purl's empty spot is beautiful.

  4. The empty spot in your house must Co trust with the full spot in your heart at the thought of Purl in her forever home!

  5. What happy news! Purl was, no doubt, cozy and comfy in your home, Karen, as you are such a kind and caring person, and although you must miss her, I know you are relieved that she will be loved just as much in her new home.

    Happy Sunlit Sunday! Cold, but sunny, nonetheless!


  6. I imagine there's a little empty feeling in your heart Karen.
    Purl was so contented in all those lovely spots in your home.
    It is indeed wonderful news that she has been welcomed and adopted to a new home.
    She looked such a lovely cat.
    Lot's of sun in your neck of the woods today - I'm sure that makes you happy!
    Thank you for hosting
    Have a happy week

  7. That's lovely news about Purl's adoption, even though it does look empty now in your home.
    Thank you for hosting Sunlit Sunday! We have had a cloudy week and a blog event with sunny images and thoughts is just what is needed. :)
    Have a happy Sunday!

  8. Lucky Purl! But it's always sad to leave a cat... I think.
    Happy Valentines Day

  9. I am sure that you are missing Purl a great deal after being with her for so long, but how wonderful that she has a new forever home!! Thank you as always for hosting and prompting us to look for sunny moments! xx

  10. Wonderful news for Purl, though I'm sure you are missing her.

  11. Lovely photos ! Oh I so happy for Purl she found her forever home . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  12. What good news. I am so happy for Purl. Did you hate to see her go? The photos are beautiful.

  13. Although I am happy for her, I know how attached I get to animals. Fostering would not work for me as I could never let them go!!!...:)JP



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