Sunday, August 3, 2014

Butterflies and Claire-the-Foster-Puss's Next Chapter

Unlike last year, it is easy to spot butterflies in my garden this summer.

In particular, they favour a big clump of purple coneflowers.

I've very little skill in identifying what is what and found myself looking up the differences between Viceroys and Monarchs.

Monarch, yes?

I think this is a Red Admiral.

Another, with its open wings, allows you to  better see the colour pattern.

With a bit of beautiful blue, a Black Swallowtail made an appearance. I hadn't noticed it before and hope it returns.

Moving on, this will be the last picture you'll see of Claire, the puss that moved in as my foster last February. After application forms, a Meet and Greet, an Extended Home Visit, and more forms, some wonderful people finalized their adoption of beautiful Claire last week.

If you've ever thought of fostering an animal, whether or not you already have a furry friend of your own, I encourage you to look into that possibility in your community.

Some people have said they could never "give up" an animal after having it in their home. For me, to not "give up" on Claire meant loving and caring for her until a wonderful home was found. I can't take on a pet full time, but I could do this.

As the website of the group I worked with points out:
"If you have ever said, 'It’s so sad, but there’s nothing I can do.' Well, fortunately, you can do something." 

Just one cat, you might say, but Claire's story has a happy ending.

Wishing you a lovely week,


  1. Karen - I'm so HAPPY to hear that Claire has found her fur-ever home!! Thanks so much for opening your heart and your home and making it possible for her to be adopted

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  2. I am so glad that Claire has found her happy forever home, you played a wonderful part in that and will have an everlasting effect on her life and some great memories. xx

  3. Wonderful happily ever after for Claire! Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing your journey with Claire! Smiles...Susan

  4. Oh, Karen, Claire will be forever in your debt and your heart! Good job...:)JP

  5. Thank you for fostering Claire. I know she will make her new family very happy. She really thrived with your care.
    I adore butterflies and your photos are great. Wishing you a lovely week.

  6. I am sure Claire enjoy staying with you until she became adopted.. Your butterfly images are lovely.. Gorgeous photos! Enjoy your new week ahead!

  7. Beautiful photos of the butterflies! Claire is doubly lucky, having such great foster care and finding a lovely new forever home. Enjoy your holiday Monday,! Chris

  8. Beautiful pictures of the flowers and butterflies! I haven't seen as many as I usually do this year. I'm glad Claire found a happy home- what a great ending!

  9. Like the beautiful, fluttering butterflies that visit your charming garden, so too, did the right time come for the pretty puss named Claire to continue her journey into the next phase of her life. She was well taken care of and loved by you up close, and adored by all of us here in cyberspace! Good luck to Ms. Claire and thanks for being such a good friend to her during her stay in your home.

    Have a wonderful week, Karen!


  10. Nice that Claire has got a permanent home now. Your pictures are of an outstanding beauty, such a beautiful butterflies. We have lots of Red Admirals here flying around, but the other butterflies I have never seen before, such a beauties.

  11. Oh Karen! How wonderful that Claire had moved to her adopted home. You did good! I'm very happy for all.

    Your butterfly shots are terrific. I must learn more about them.

    Have a wonderful day. It's a rainy one here and we need it!

  12. Your butterfly visitors are gorgeous. So happy for Claire! She's a gorgeous girl and now has a furever home. You are going to miss her!

  13. Thank-you for the beautiful butterfly pictures. Lucky Claire & hugs to you for being wonderful too!

  14. Yay for Claire! I'm so happy for her.

    Love your butterfly photos. I haven't seen that many this year - a few, but not many. I'm not sure if it's simply a case of my not being outside when they're hanging out on the flowers or something else.


  15. I'm so glad that Claire now has a happy, permanent home. I'll miss seeing photos of her. I have a friend that helps train dogs for the blind. She has had many dogs over the years and takes them everywhere with her so they get used to all sorts of situations.
    We've had lots of butterflies in the garden this year, but no Monarchs that I've seen. I'll keep looking.

  16. Hi Karen,

    Your photo's are lovely. I love butterflies and we get quite a lot over the summer usually red admirals, peacocks and cabbage whites. It would be nice to get some more unusual ones but I'm just glad they come and visit. I have been following Claire's time with you and seen you get your hopes up that a family had been found only to be disappointed so it's fantastic to see that all your hard work has paid off and she now has a permanent loving home. Looking forward to meeting your next lodger when they arrive.


  17. Gorgeous photos of the butterflies on your pretty blooms, Karen! I'm so happy that Claire has been adopted to a good home. I'm sure you will miss her until the next one comes to you.

  18. Well done with Claire! Her successful adoption is due, no doubt, in large part to your foster care.
    The butterflies have been unusually plentiful here this summer. We always have lots of dragonflies over the ponds, but this year I have really noticed the Monarchs and Swallowtails.
    The book I mentionned will be out in September.

  19. First of all, please send some butterflies my way! Actually, I did see a monarch today.
    And, I love a story with a happy ending but I'll miss that sweet little face of Claire's. Do you think you might foster another fur baby Karen?

  20. Beautiful butterflies - so colorful and delicate! I love a happy ending and I am so happy for Claire. I adopted a border collie two years ago from Border Collie Rescue. The foster 'mom' told me she was ready to give up on trying to adopt him because he had so many 'issues'. Something told me that this dog was for me and now he is nearly normal. He probably won't ever be completely normal, but we are all a little 'nuts' around here anyway. I was glad that I took him because shortly after we adopted him, his foster 'mom' died in a tragic accident. All my pets are rescue pets. They make the best companions. Bless you for taking Claire in and finding her a good home. xo Karen

  21. Great that you are seeing lots of butterflies in your garden this summer. Our numbers are down significantly from previous years. Nice job iding the butterflies, especially the Monarch! I've seen a few fluttering about during our visit to Michigan. I hope to see them in my garden in another month on their fall migration.

  22. My, Karen, your photos are magical! Such a great eye you have! Claire is such a pretty kitty and hope she'll be very happy in her new home. I too will miss her sweet face and those gorgeous green eyes. Thanks for your visit and have a beautiful day.


  23. Butterfly's fotos are fascinating! I wish happy life for beautiful Claire!!!!!

  24. I am glad that Claire will have a new home.

    I see a few butterflies in my garden, but not nearly as many as you have. Your photos are lovely.

  25. Beautiful. I love that Claire has a new (and obviously well-vetted) home. Thank you for giving her a wonderful home until she received a permanent one.

    Your flowers are lovely.

  26. great pictures of butterfly. I am disappointed again this year in the lack of them. I am just not seeing butterfly in my garden or out in the fields. What is happening. It's good to see they are somewhere..............I love the close ups

  27. hello
    je suis contente que " Claire " ai trouvé une belle maison d'acceuille
    je lui souhaite une vie pleine de bonheur ( j'adore les chats )
    vos photos de papillons sont super
    edith (iris) France



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