Sunday, April 7, 2013


Spring has started to make an appearance in my little garden this week, with crocuses joining the hardy snowdrops. 

The latter are always the first come into flower, arriving en mass, heartily withstanding the final, flying snowflakes, and giving their assurance that more blooms will follow.

I'm not in a rush for the seasonal flowers. 

I want springtime to 

e a s e  into existence,



and then

  l    i    n    g    e    r 



I hope you revel in it.

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  1. I do, yes I do!
    One of the many lovely things about the Pacific Northwest is that our spring eases in and lasts a very long time. There is no scorching sun around the corner to burn the tulips or wilt the daffodils. They last weeks!

  2. It seems that spring has finally knocked at your door! Beautiful bright photos
    Karen which help to get to the mood ! I wish you a glorious week !

  3. Spring has surely Sprung for you!! All of these sweet little blossoms that will bring you such joy!

  4. Looks like Spring has sprung at your home! Beautiful blossoms holding promised for the spring ... lingering!

  5. I am reveling in your Early Spring! Here in Florida, we don't have any of those wonderful flowers. (It's a fair tradeoff: no winter, no early spring).....but I miss them and your photos bring back wonderful memories from when we lived in Oregon and gardened. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful mosaics.

  6. I agree - spring is so special it should go on and on. Here in the Pacific Northwest our weather is very cool this time of year - but everything is blooming - so we have a couple of months to enjoy the spring flowers. They say of our climate, we have 5 months of spring and 5 months of autumn, with a month of summer and a month of winter thrown in - though not in any particular order. I love our climate.

  7. After a bit of a rainy start to the day, the sun came out and the temperature went out. In a sheltered spot it read +17 Celsius. Unfortunately the wind made it feel less than warm.
    It is lovely to see the spring blooms and all the other plants poking through the ground.

  8. Linger luxuriously...I like the thoughts of a spring like this Karen. Hopefully I can get back out to a bit of cleanup in the garden this week; it's so therapeutic.

  9. Absolutely beautiful photo mosaic of nature's gems ~ I am with you ~ a bit of Spring would be nice ~ slowly ~ not here yet in MA ^_^

  10. Thanks for sharing your first blooms of Spring! Spring is a bit slower arriving here this year, so love seeing what others have to share.
    Thanks for stopping by - Have a great week!

  11. Beautiful blooms and mosaic, Karen. I don't think I've seen a varigated crocus before but it's very pretty.

  12. I'm reveling in spring! These days I'm watching the tulips slowly grow taller and buds are just beginning to form. Soon they will bloom. I can wait.

  13. Very beautiful flowers, love their color.

  14. hello
    cela nous réveille l' esprit par ce matin grisâtre
    je m' aperçois que dans le monde entier
    le printemps se fait attendre
    on a besoin de soleil ( vitamine D )
    très jolies fleurs
    edith (iris)France

  15. Spring is very slow this year in our part of world but at last we have some sunny days and buds are slowly opening with slowly increasing temperatures. And I.........I linger in the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  16. Good morning Karen!Very beautiful flowers with amazing colors!I like your mosaic photos!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  17. Your spring flowers are so pretty, Karen. Spring is having a hard time coming this year. We did get some rain last night that should help green things up. But now they are predicting snow for Wed.
    Enjoy spring and your lovely flowers.

  18. Beautiful post and I love your mosaic.

  19. Beautiful flower mosaic. Springflowers are always so beautiful.

  20. I just love that sentiment of spring easing in and lingering luxuriously. I second that motion :-) By the way, I'm waiting for your peonies to bloom. I can't wait to see those.

  21. That's a wonderful post....last year spring was short and it heated up too quickly. I hope that we have your kind of spring this time around! :)

  22. How beautiful! I am loving spring this year!

  23. a very beautiful spring welcome, Karen! I agree, I want to enjoy it slowly and revel in the new warmth (when it comes!) and appreciate each and every flower as it opens!
    Helen x

  24. Beautiful photographs. We had a few warm days and spring came overnight. I hope it lasts, cools mornings and warm afternoons.......
    Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  25. Just beautiful.

    I host a weekly link party called Seasonal Sundays and I'd love to have you link!

    - The Tablescaper

  26. These are gorgeous spring flowers! I have to get me some snow drops and crocuses! They are just so lovely!

  27. Good Afternoon Karen, I am sorry it has taken me so long to leave a comment, but as I get older I find jet lag takes a lot longer to get over. You know the feeling of waking up at 2 am wanting to eat because your always feels very strange.
    Isn't Spring a lovely time of year, with flower heads peeping out of the ground and such lovely colours. Our Spring in the North East of England is much colder than normal so we have very few plants in the garden....we have been told that the weather will warm up next week, so fingers crossed we will have some lovely colour in our garden aswell.
    It was lovely to catch up with you.
    Best Wishes

  28. Pretty flowers make such lovely mosaics! We saw a lot of wild flowers yesterday on a little day trip. Today it felt like summertime! Sweet hugs!

  29. I feel exactly the same way Karen! The wintery weather has dragged on and I fear the heat will come in one dramatic rush. I like the idea of a slow, gradual change in the weather that lingers well into June.

  30. I'd love it if Spring, this year, would be much less cold and much more sunny ! It's so cold here in Quebec ! I love your Spring flowers, the snow drops are so pretty and the crocuses are among my favourites. I don't have any Spring flowers in my garden but this summer I'll have a new flower bed and I'll introduce some tulips and hyacinth and daffodils if I have enough space.
    Have a nice week Karen !

  31. hello karen,
    pretty springflowers. I like your mosaic!
    wish you a nice week,

  32. bonjour Karen
    merci de ton passage ,et du petit mot
    une amoureuse de la nature♥♥♥
    bonne fin de semaine

  33. Beautiful pictures.. Our snow is finally melting so hopefully soon we will see flowers here.

  34. It is beautiful...I so love this posts. Thanks for sharing it ♥

  35. Your photos are wonderful! May I ask what kind of camera you are using?



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